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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PART 2 - celeb list

Name: Sophia Anna Bush
Age: 26
Seen In: One Tree Hill, Stay Alive, The Hitcher, John Tucker Must Die

Oh my goodness, Sophia Bush. She's a good actor and I don't care what you say. I only followed One Tree Hill for her and the following celebrity, James Lafferty. I mean, I love Brooke Davis! That's all, enough said, hehe.

Name: James Martin Lafferty
Age: 23
Seen In: One Tree Hill, Emeril, S. Darko

James Lafferty, where do I start with thee? Well, I think even though Nathan can big the biggest ass of all time, I still love him. And I love you. Done!

Name: Rachel Sarah Bilson
Age: 27
Seen In: The O.C., Jumper, New York I Love You

This girl with Adam Brody = so much love. This girl with my husband, Hayden Christensen = much more love. I learned to accept it, okay. It took a while, but I did, haha. And I think she's great! I can't ever turn my back on Summer. Plus, she's a big style icon for me.

Name: Gaspard Ulliel
Age: 24
Seen In: Paris Je T'Aime, A Very Long Engagement, Hannibal Rising

Okay guys, please, dream!team is over. And I did not start liking him because of it. (I'm going to be sent very angry letters now, but oh well.) Him in A Very Long Engagement, Le Dernier Jour and Jacquou Le Croquant ... amazing. I really love him as an actor and his face is simply gorgeous. I mean, look at it! Even his scar. And this is the reason why I didn't do it in order of favourites because a bunch of guys would be at the top, and I wouldn't be able to pick between him, Hayden, Jensen, Jared and the list goes on... haha!

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