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Sunday, May 31, 2009

interview with polyvore's It'sLily,Love♥Adam♥Lambert♥

Meet Lily, also known as It'sLily,Love♥ to all of Polyvore. She's willingly agreed to answer my questions for her, and I'm sure alot of people are dying to find out her inspiring answers. Check out her sets, they are truly stunning! And also, read the whole interview, because she gave me such amazing answers!

View 'i smile, you smile, the end ;' on Polyvore

What made you interested in fashion in the first place?
When I was 8 years old, my mom started working at Bloomingdale's, and sometimes I'd get to go see her. I started to become really fascinated with all the different clothes on the mannequins, the bright colors all over the store, and the way people would mix and match different patterns. Also, my mom is a huge inspiration to me when it comes to everything...she's really the one I should credit for getting me into fashion.

Who is/are your style icon(s)?
My style icons would have to be Rachel Bilson and Lauren Conrad. Rachel, because she has this fun, effortless style, and she's so fearless. I love that about her. The versatility she has in her style is something no one else has. She can be going to the market, and she'll get all dressed up for it. Not many people do that. She makes going out and grabbing the mail a huge occassion. I just think that's so fun. As for Lauren, I've always been such a big fan. I think she's a great style icon because she can take everyday pieces like the little black dress or a pair of skinny jeans and make them so chic. Even if she's wearing a simple black blazer, she'll look stunning because of her fresh, unique approach to dressing.

What inspires you when making your sets on Polyvore?
When I'm making sets on Polyvore, I usually try to find one item that really catches my eye, and then I base my whole set off of that. Usually, it'll be a dress or a top, but sometimes if I see some really nice shoes, I can use them too as my first item. It all depends on what attracts the eye, I think.

Who is/are your favourite designer(s) and why?
My favorite designers are Chanel and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Chanel is just a timeless, elegant brand that will never get old. Every single piece is so different and lovely in its own way. 3.1 Phillip Lim has always been one of my favorites. It's perfect in every single way. You can work any one piece into your every day wardrobe, and I think that that's very important.

If you could attend one show during New York Fashion Week, which show would you attend and why?
I would attend Christian Siriano's show. I loved him on Project Runway, and I love him now. His style is so different, fun, and quirky. I love every one of his creations, and I would kill to wear something that he made.

If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend it on?
I would probably give most of that money away to kids living in third-world countries, especially the little known ones like Bangladesh and such. If I were to have any left, I would buy a beach house in Malibu and invest in a pair of Louboutins.

Do you follow trends? If so, which are your favourites and least favourites?
I suppose I do follow trends, but it depends. I'm not a very practical dresser, and I try to have at least one item that is eye-catching, so one of my favorite trends would have to be colorful flats. I'm a huge fan of peep-toe heels, but I don't own a pair myself. If I could, I would definitely get a pair of Miu Miu peep-toes. Another one of my favorite trends is bows. I like including lots and lots of bows in my sets. My least favorite trends are oxford shoes and fringe-y boots. I've never really liked them. I'm not sure why, I just have never found ways to work them into my daily wardrobe.

Do the sets you create on Polyvore reflect your style in real life? If so, how?
The sets I create on Polyvore definitely reflect on my style in real life, in a big way. I love scarves more than anything, and I love pairing them with sweaters. I'm also having a huge obsession with shorts at the moment. I'm not a huge glove-wearer, but I have two colorful pairs and one lacy pair. All these things can be seen included in my sets.

What are your favourite stores?
My favorite stores are Free People, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters.

What are some bands/books/songs/people etc. that inspire you?
I listen to All Time Low, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet for My Valentine, and Eyes Set To Kill a lot, as well as other bands when I need inspiration. As for people, Chrisstinaa!, Manda, Laura, watching.clouds, and Lindsey are very inspirational. There's a song called 'Darling' that means everything to me. :]

If you were the fashion police, what would be illegal?
Abercrombie and Hollister would be illegal if I were the fashion police. Those would be the first things I'd think to make illegal.

What is your favourite item that you own?
My favorite item that I own is my black sweater. It has gold buttons and white stripes. It's sort of perfect for any occasion.

Do you have any set making advice for anybody?
Even if everyone else is doing something else, stick with what you're comfortable with. I recently just made a mosaic-y type of set, and it wasn't 'me' at all. I'm all about trying new things and doing something different once in a while, but most of the time, I think it's really important to be doing what you want, not what others are doing.

Do you have an inspiration quote or any advice for anybody on fashion?
Fashion isn't all about what's being worn by celebrities or what designers are making. It's about releasing your inner creativity and making yourself look and feel good. When I think about fashion, I think about having fun and going crazy. I've never had a day when I've 'worried' about finding something to wear for an occasion. It's just so much fun for me. It's not something that should be taken seriously.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

it doesn't take a genius to figure it out

And yes, of course, our favourite girls are best dressed.

interview with polyvore's Coco Tutu ♥

Meet E, also known as Coco Tutu ♥ on Polyvore. She's known for her amazing mosaic sets, usually soft colours or dark, edgy colours. She's willingly answered the questions that I asked her, and her answers are definitely unique! Remember to check out her sets, they are gorgeous!

View 'best stories' on Polyvore

What made you interested in fashion in the first place?
For fashion, I've loved it all my life. Probably what inspired me were mainly two things: My mom and my city. First of all my mom is really a style icon- she has amazing items and truly great sense of style. I've always loved playing with her Birkin bags and walking in her Manolos. She showed me a great side of fashion which inspired me to pursue it. Second is my city. I live in NYC which is filled with fashionable people and I am exposed to tons of fashion so I think that also inspired me.

Who is/are your style icon(s)?
Wow, that's a tough one.
I adore:
Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Wow, all her outfits were amazing and if you find a pair of tortoiseshell glasses like that I will LOVE you forever!
I love Kate Moss's ability to look fabulous in everything and try new things.
I think Mary Kate Olsen has some good inspiration in a boho glam look.
I love Blair Waldrof's preppy chic look
I think that Cory Kennedy pulls of a grunge boho glam high fashion look fabulously

What inspires you when making your sets on Polyvore?
When making sets on Polyvore I normally get inspired by a picture I see or an item I find. Sometimes I find a cute quote or even have a mood I am in. Also, RP characters and their diverse personality and things that happened that day.

Who is/are your favourite designer(s) and why?
I love Hermes for being so timeless and classic, YSL and Chanel for the same, Marc Jacobs is always just fabulous, Phillip Lim 3.1 for having amazing clothing, Acne for their fabulous dresses (as seen on and of course I LOVE Balenciaga.

If you could attend one show during New York Fashion Week, which show would you attend and why?
Gosh just one? Probably Chanel or Balenciaga. Chanel always pulls on a fabulous show and I am just in love with Balenciaga and their edgy fashions.

If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend it on?
-Hermes Birkin
-Chanel 2.55 Bag
-Sass & Bide denim shorts
-Alexander Wang tank top
-Balenciaga big city bag
-Hermes bangles
-Bulgari bracelets, necklaces, everything
-Cartier earrings
-Boyfriend jeans, Current & Elliot
-Chanel flats
-Jimmy Choos
-BAGS, SHOES and more! I would go crazy :).

Do you follow trends? If so, which are your favourites and least favourites?
I do follow trends in the fact I like to know what is "in" and "out" but i can't say I follow them. I just wear whatever I like :).
I think that one shoulder dresses are fabulous for spring and love distressed denim shorts. I don't love harem pants, and this isn't really a trend but I like Hunter boots but the fact now everyone in my school are wearing them is getting my annoyed.

Your mosaics are stunning. How long does it take you to create one and where do you find all the items?
Wow, thanks! Well, it depends. A set like that has taken me 2 minutes or 2 weeks. It depends on how much inspiration I have and how quickly and how good items I already have to compliment the set. Sometimes I don't have a story so a finished draft also sits in my sets for weeks.

Do the sets you create on Polyvore reflect your style in real life? If so, how?
Somewhat the styles do. I would wear everything that I make. I genuinely like all the outfits. However some are a bit more edgy or bright or showy than what I would wear, but I would love wearing them. I just wish I had all the items!

What are your favourite stores?
I love Olive & Bettes a boutique in NYC, the stores of my favorite designers and Bergdorf's, Barney's, Bloomingdale's and Sak's.

If you were the fashion police, what would be illegal?
Tube Tops, Uggs with Sweatpants, too much Abercrombie / Hollister with the logo Coach bag and Juicy Couture gold charm bracelet.

Do you have any set making advice for anybody?
For Polyvore making advice mine would be:
-don't copy
-be yourself
-try to find inspiration
-just go with it! see what comes out no matter how ridiculous it may seem! experiment with things you may not wear in real life!

Do you have any fashion advice for anybody?
For fashion advice, mine would be:
-wear what you want not what others wear
-be yourself and don't be afraid to take risks
-invest in classics and quality pieces which will last a lifetime

Friday, May 29, 2009

interview with polyvores your lullaby ;

Meet Mechele, also known as your lullaby ; on Polyvore. She, fortunately, agreed to let me ask her a bunch of questions and her answers are truly inspiring! Look out for her on Polyvore - her sets are astonishing and brilliant!

View 'Les Filles Riches Crasseuses' on Polyvore

What made you interested in fashion in the first place?
Probably the fact that its one of the most obvious ways of expressing yourself. Its the first thing people see when you first meet them, so in my opinion its something very important and expressive, that everyone should try to customize to their own personalities.

Who is/are your style icon(s)?
I have a lot of icons, but the most important ones to me are Daisy Lowe, Mary-Kate and Ashley, and Becky Lou Filip.

What inspires you when making your sets on Polyvore?
Lots of things, mostly music though. The look and feel of my sets really depend of what type of music I was listening to while I was making them.

Who is/are your favourite designer(s) and why?
Coco Chanel and Marc Jacobs are my absolute favourites. I love Chanel because every piece is very classic, and I love Marc Jacobs because his pieces are fun to play around with, especially in sets.

If you could attend one show during New York Fashion Week, which show would you attend and why?
Probably Jill Stuart's, she's just amazing.

If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend it on?
Clothes, lots of clothes. And in two years when I turn 16 I would probably buy a fancy car of some sort.

Your roleplay sets have amazing stories. Where do you get your muse from?
I try and figure out what I want the mood for the story to be, not necessarily what will happen, but just the feel of it so I can pick out what type of music to listen to while I'm writing it. Then while I'm listening to songs that fit the story's mood, the story itself usually just comes together without that much planning of the actual details. So my muses for the stories are almost always singers or bands.

Do you follow trends? If so, which are your favourites and least favourites?
I'm sure if you really looked at me or my sets you would find trends that I've followed, but I never think to myself 'I have to wear this just because everyone else is.' I try and just wear and make sets with the things I genuinely like, not things I've made myself think I like or should like.

Do you think you are a fashionable person for your age?
In my opinion, yes, but everyone has a different idea of what they think is 'fashionable.' To some people I probably am, but I'm sure some other people think differently.

Do the sets you create on Polyvore reflect your style in real life? If so, how?
They do now, but they haven't always. I went through a few month period where basically the only sets I made were for other people, but now they definitely reflect my style in real life. If you knew me personally and looked at any of my sets that I've made within the last month or so, you would definitely see that they're reflective of my real life style.

What are your favourite stores?
It really depends on what I'm looking for, but my absolute favourites are Urban Outfitters and Top Shop.

If you were the fashion police, what would be illegal?
Probably clothes that don't fit properly and things that aren't very original or have been done too much.

Do you have any set making advice for anybody?
Not really, I don't want to say to people how I think they should make sets. The only thing I can say is that you should make them way you feel the most comfortable making them and the way you think they turn out the best for you. Everyone should make the types of sets that work for them and make them the way they like to.

Do you have any fashion advice for anybody?
I think the only fashion advice I would give would be 'Dress for yourself and always wear the things you like. Never try to please other people by changing your style, it won't do anyone any good.'



mixed lyrics part 2

Featuring songs from my Blogspot playlist.

You're the best I ever had
Let me hold you for the last time
This can be the future
I'll be your sunshine, you can be mine

Love you girl, do you feel the same?
I wake up every morning with tears in my eyes
Through the storms and the light
Into the pale moonlight

I used to hate you, but now I love you
There are bones to bury and bones to find
The talking leads to touching
You keep on crying, baby, I'll bleed you dry

I am the watch you always wear but you forget to wind
If you've got problems, why don't you go solve them?
I can see you, see you there, hanging weightless in the air
Haligh, haligh, an awful lie

Yesterday I died, tomorrow's bleeding
Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost
Only for a moment's sake, you called it and it came
I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer

Last one was so much better and kind of made more sense. Go browse for it dans l'histoire!

designer spotlight: matthew williamson

Meet Matthew Williamson, a creative designer that lives in Mayfair. Until very recently, he lent his style which is comprised of vibrant, fun colours and bold prints to Pucci, and he is now working with H&M. Matthew made his first move in global fashion in 2002, when he began showing in New York. Three years later, he was hired as creative director of Pucci.

Here are a few excerpts from an interview he had, featured in H&M Magazine Summer 2009 edition:

"It was so much fun doing menswear after ten years concentrating on womenswear, he says.
I thought, Brilliant, here's a chance to capture what I really love in my own wardrobe."

"While at college, I wanted to express a certain femininity and escapist quality in my work, he says. These values remain key to my work today."

"Color is essential to my design."

When famous actress, Keira Knightley, wore a purple Matthew Williamson dress to the London premiere of Pride and Prejudice, waiting lists started to grow all over town. Everybody wanted that purple dress!

Also, when famous actress, Sienna Miller, attended the Oscars dressed in a beautiful emerald green chiffon dress with antique golden beads by Matthew Williamson, the dress received a great deal of attention.

Taken from the same H&M Magazine issue, here is "typical Matthew Williamson":

Indian Influences
A trip to India while at Central St. Martins College of Art & Design was the first of many.

An explosion of color
He has yet to meet a color he doesn't like.

High-impact patterns
Like his predecessor, Emilio Pucci, he loves kaleidoscopic prints.

Imaginative floral and animal motifs are recurrent features of his collections.

Every collection takes the people who wear the clothes to exotic horizons and fantastic sunsets.

Voluminous shapes
Generous, billowing fabric is a classic feature of a Matthew Williamson dress.

Luxurious materials like silk and cashmere
He focuses on explosive materials - quality is a centrepiece of his design.

Now, innovative and mindblowing designer Matthew Williamson is known around the world, and is friends with many famous celebrities such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller, Sophie Dahl, Brooke Shields, Diane Kruger, Kate Beckinsale and many more!

If you want more from this designer, his collection will be featured in the latest H&M line. Also, visit his website at Matthew Williamson

Thursday, May 28, 2009

many thanks

Guys, guys, guys! Do you know how happy and honoured I am feeling right now?

Please, check this link out:

I am featured in Polyvore's Blog Roundup! It's amazing!

Thank you Polyvore :D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



my music playlist

so hey, i thought, why the hell not? i'll share with you the tunes that have been ringing through my ears and that i've been singing out loud these past couple of days.

rose - n.l.t.
so fine - sean paul
no te veo - jowell y randy
decisions - neyo
broken strings - james morrison f/ nelly furtado
come on get higher - matt nathanson
asleep - the smiths
kidnapping your love - emilio f/ bobby valentino
standing in the way of control - the gossips
beautiful - eminem
can you do it - keri hilson
mamacita - collie buddz
weightless - black lab
smoke in your disguise - new roman times
nikorette - conor oberst and the mystic valley band
melt down the knives - sin fang bonus
for blue skies - strays don't sleep
closer - kings of leon
springfield - sufjan stevens
underdog - spoon
inherited scars - sage francis
good girls go bad - cobra starship f/ leighton meester
blender (i really fuckin' love you) - the pretty reckless

guys, that can last you at least like an hour or two, haha.

interview with polyvore's tanalicious

Meet Tana, also known as tanalicious on Polyvore. I've asked the same bunch of questions, and like always, the answers given are unique, fresh, inspiring and exciting! Be sure to watch out for Tana! She has amazing sets and some even come with wonderful stories!

View 'fave sets of mine' on Polyvore

Who is your style icon?
audrey hepburn & nicole riche. audreay because of her efforlessly chic style. i just adore her. nicole because she rock the hippie/boho look i'm so into. from her wavy hair to ther chucnky accessories. she's it. i love her.

Do the sets you make on Polyvore reflect your style in real life?
not really. i can't afford high-end designer stuffs, so i'm more of high street fashion. in polyvore though, it's more about the styling. how to incorporate certain outfit with the mood/places, etc. i love being creative and always learn new things here.

If you had all the money in the world, what is the first thing you'd buy?
since i am into gadgets as much as fashion, i want to buy everything from barney's and apple a girl could dream!

What inspires you when making your sets on Polyvore?
everything inspired me, from songs, places, events, pop culture to my everyday life. the possibilities are endless here! :))

Who are your favourite designers, and why?
marc jacobs! because he is just divine. his designs are always carefully thought-out. very very amazing. i would kill to have one of his designs!

Do you follow trends? If yes, what is your favourite right now?
not really. actually, i rocked the zipper legging lately eventhough it's pretty out-dated. i guess when you're confident, it trend doesn't really matter.

What do you think will be a big hit/trend in Summer 09?
everyday is summer here. but i guess maxi dress is still happening. it's very chic, easy and flattering on everyone, even on petite like moi :))

If you could go to one show during New York Fashion Week, which show would you go to and why?
marc jacobs. no doubt. because i want to see the magic in flesh!

If you were the fashion police, what would be illegal?
i don't know how it is there, but here in indonesia, a lot of people wore jeans to weddings. i absolutely hate that. it felt so disrespectful. so if i were a fashion police (esp. here) i would ban jeans from weddings!! yay!

What are you favourite stores?
top shop! british fashion at its best! love it!

Do you have any fashion advice for anybody?
the best fashion advice is: be comfortable, be confident and most importantly, be you!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"There comes a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything, but it's not giving up. It's realizing that you don't need certain people and the crap that they bring."

I'll see you in my nightmares.

interview with polyvore's Karine Minzon Wilson

Meet Karine, also known as Karine Minzon Wilson on Polyvore. This beautiful mother has a unique sense of style, and hails from Brazil. I've asked her questions, and she's answered them all! Be sure to check out her sets; you will not be disappointed.

View 'Sets for my friends' on Polyvore

Who is your style icon?
Wow...i have many icons

Actually i love Fergie style, from chic to street she is glamurous!
I love the how fabulous Anne hathaway looked on the red carpet events, she is so chic.
Love Mary-Kate boho chic style
The First lady Michelle Obama is really classy, too!!!!!

Do the sets you make on Polyvore reflect your style in real life?
My style is more basical, jeans with white t-shirt, LBD but i love improve my look with fab heels, amazing bag (im addict on bags), scarf, earrings accessories is very very important for me!

If you had all the money in the world, what is the first thing you'd buy?
bags, bags and more bags....Chanel, LV...

What inspires you when making your sets on Polyvore?
One of my inspiration is my daughter, i love make sets colorful and fun for her!

Who are your favourite designers, and why?
Marc Jacobs - the best for me, a genious the king of cool
Stella McCartney - her clothes are soft and fab
Valentino - the king of elegance

Do you follow trends? If yes, what is your favourite right now? No, i think im not feel pressure to follow trends, but i love news....

What do you think will be a big hit/trend in Summer 09?
one shoulder dress will be a hit too - too keep you cool yet sexy
bright sunglasses
sailor shorts

If you could go to one show during New York Fashion Week, which show would you go to and why?
Marc jacobs, no doubt because he is my fave

If you were the fashion police, what would be illegal?
crocks, uggs with sweatpants , overweight woman wearing tight tops, fur...

What are you favourite stores?
marc jacobs, ralph lauren, juicy couture, lacoste, chanel, coach, calvin klein, DKNY, LV, gucci, fendi, prada.... I have my favorite budget stores:true religion, forever21, zara, urban outfiter, nine west

Do you have any fashion advice for anybody?

- First and more important: Be yourself

- Every woman should own a perfect black dress.

- don’t 't be afraid to try new styles or wear an eclectic mix of clothes and accessories.

- sphash of color is fabulous: The neutral tones act as a base from which the splash of colour really shines.

-baggy clothes may be comfortable but they're never stylish.

Monday, May 25, 2009

interview with polyvore's MyChanel

Meet Gail, also known as MyChanel on Polyvore. I've asked her some questions, and she's answered all of them! Be sure to check this interview out, as it is very inspiring and interesting, and as well as her sets! They are just stunning!

View 'MyChanel Style' on Polyvore

Who is your style icon?
When I was 12 or 13 I read Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel's biography. From that moment I was forever changed and influenced. Not only by fashion, but by her independence and entrepreneurial spirit. As she said, "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."

Do the sets you make on Polyvore reflect your style in real life?
I have nearly 900 sets some good, some bad, but they all reflect my real life style and what I love.

If you had all the money in the world, what is the first thing you'd buy?
A beautiful pair of shoes in Paris!

What inspires you when making your sets on Polyvore?
I am inspired by the texture, style and fabulousness of an item I find, whether it a blouse, jacket or dress.

Who are your favourite designers, and why?
Karl Lagerfeld has done a phenomenal job with CHANEL, every season I fall in love again. Did you know that when he accepted the position of Head Designer, everyone considered the brand to be "dead" and thought him crazy to take it on.

This is a great interview with Karl.

Also, Balmain and Alexander Wang have really made a huge impact on my style lately. Rock chic with classic undertones. Even if $3,000 for a pair of jeans is mind-boggling.

Do you follow trends? If yes, what is your favourite right now?
Lots of worn denim, jeans and shorts. I love mixing them with classic pieces to dress them up, like a silk blouse or blazer.

What do you think will be a big hit/trend in Summer 09?
Dresses and cardigan sweaters..ala Michelle Obama.

If you could go to one show during New York Fashion Week, which show would you go to and why?
That would be cruel & unusual punishment to only see one don't you think. But, I wouldn't miss Oscar De La Renta, pure elegance and class.

If you were the fashion police, what would be illegal?
Polyester, birkenstocks, and tube tops.

What are you favourite stores?
Holt Renfrew, Club Monaco, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Zara, H&M and Winners.

Do you consider yourself a fashionable person for your age?

Do you have any fashion advice for anybody?
Always invest in good quality shoes. Don't be cheap to your feet. Good shoes fit better, are kind to your toes, and always make any outfit look more expensive.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

designer spotlight: mikhael kale

If you don't know already, I am based in Canada, and I live near Toronto. I just wanted to showcase a very creative and beautiful designer who has innovative ideas, who is also from Toronto!

Mikhael Kale is a Toronto based designer whose label is only in its second year, but is working up a storm. He has a profile that many veteran desginers strive for such as floor space at Holt Renfrew, notices in Nylon magazine and an off-site presentation at New York Fashion Week this Spring.

Here is an interview excerpt taken from blogTO's Designer Files:

How did you get into fashion?
Funny, I never 'got' into fashion, it got into me. I have always been drawn to garment design and construction.

When did you start sewing?
Age 10.

Canada isn't known as a fashion Mecca and a lot of talent goes overseas. You studied in London. What's the hardest part about doing business out of Toronto, and why do you stay?
I came back to start a label in Toronto. Proximity is always an issue no matter where I am located. As for fashion and talent, there is so much harvested in Canada.

Do you have a muse?
Um... er... um... ask anyone who knows me, and they'd tell you; I'm in love with a new woman hourly. I just simply find every woman muse-worthy. Every woman is the Mikhael Kale woman, case in point.

And another taken from the May 2009 issue of Elle Canada magazine:

You're the fashion police. What do you ban?
"I've banned things like purple tights with flat pointy shoes, but then I see M.I.A. wearing them, looking incredible, so I stand corrected! It's all about having a sense of self. Fashion isn't about boundaries."

What's your favourite food?
"I have this obsession with dried dates and dry-roasted peanuts. If you mush them together, it tastes like a Mars bar!"

Who's your favourite designer?
"Madame Grès. She was incredible."

To find out more about this amazing "Torontonian", please visit his website at

interview with polyvore's ℓovepeacejoy

Meet Olivia, also known as ℓovepeacejoy on Polyvore. I've asked her a few questions, and she's willingly answered them! Be sure to check her out - her sets are amazing!

View 'Random sets you should check out!' on Polyvore

Who is your style icon?
Hmm... I really love Mary-Kate Olsens sense of style. I guess she's one, and probably Kate Moss. I like the badass look :]

Do the sets you make on Polyvore reflect your style in real life?
I'm more of a jeans-and-tee kind of girl. My Polyvore style most definitely doesn't represent how I dress in real-life. I wear basic outfits, and on Polyvore my outfits are more outrageous and fun. I wish I dressed as well as my sets.

If you had all the money in the world, what is the first thing you'd buy?
The first thing I'd buy would be a Balenciaga bag. I love their bags ;]

What inspires you when making your sets on Polyvore?
My inspiration comes from random things I see and hear. Like, if I see a pattern in a rug, I try to bring it out in my sets. I also get inspiration from random items on Polyvore. If I see a bracelet I like, I try to make a set that would fit it.

Who are your favourite designers, and why?
I love Christian Louboutin. His designs are always crisp and the signature red soles are super cool. I also LOVE Marc Jacobs. He's never afraid to create a daring pattern using wild colors.

Do you follow trends? If yes, what is your favourite right now?
Yes, I do. The trend I am currently obsessed with are gladiator shoes. Everywhere I go, I always point out the gladiator shoes for sale. I actually just bought another pair :] I also love using them in my sets.

What do you think will be a big hit/trend in Summer 09?
I think Maxi dresses will be a big trend, if they aren't already. They are pretty versatile and most of the times made with nice and airy material. I know I'm going to buy myself one or two.

If you could go to one show during New York Fashion Week, which show would you go to and why?
Marc Jacobs for sure. I love him and I love his clothes. Being able to see the outfits on the runway would be great!

If you were the fashion police, what would be illegal?
Oh there are so many things I'd make illegal! Shoes with socks to me is a big fashion no-no. I'd also take out cropped army pants. When I see people on the street just wearing them I want to scream! Lol. Last but not least, lost peasant skirts. What a catastrophe :D

What are you favourite stores?
I love topshop. Their clothes can match any personality. Too bad I don't live where there are any of their stores.

Do you consider yourself a fashionable person for your age?
I do. I may not wear super amazing clothes, but I always make sure to wear something stylish.

Do you have any fashion advice for anybody?
Don't just dress to impress people. Dress to please yourself, thats all that matters. Labels don't matter either. Whether you shop designer or thrift, the outcome can always be the same.

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thanks, polyfriends

How does the way you dress in real life compare to the sets you make on polyvore?
To be honest, it doesn't. I use alot of skirts and heels (especially gladiator ones) in my sets, and I don't dress like that at all in real life. I'm a jeans and tee kind of girl in real life. But the sets I make is what I personally like and I would definitely wear it if given the chance.

Who's your main source of style inspiration?
Many fashion bloggers. They have such great style, just check on lookbook and whatiworetoday2 on Livejournal! Aside from anyone not famous, I'd go with Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton and Mary-Kate Olsen.

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what was that, you say

What are things you have learned in your life?

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who is to say

cause nobody wants you like i do

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listen to my voice, it's my disguise

inspiration post number 2: latin phrases

alis grave nil - nothing is too heavy to those who have wings
alis volat propriis - she flies with her own wings
carpe noctem - seize the night
dum vita est, spes est - while there is life, there is hope
luceat lux vestra - let your light shine
non ducor duco - i am not led; i lead
semper ad meliora - always towards better things
veni, vidi, vici - i came, i saw, i conquered
vive ut vivas - live so that you may live
aut viam inveniam aut faciam - either i will find a way or make one

save my life

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please visit

this website. It is truly heart-warming and touching.

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inherited scars

If I could have said this to your face maybe you wouldn't have to write like I do,
Except I use paper instead of my body now; it's something you might want to try too.

-Sage Francis