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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PART 1 - celeb list

I feel like making this, simply out of boredom. Part 1 of my Four Celebs A Day - Celeb List until I finish them all. This is completely out of order!

Name: Ashley Michele Greene
Age: 22
Seen In: Twilight, Skateland

No, I don't love her because she played "Alice Cullen" in Twilight (please, I did not jump on the bandwagon that late, mmkay. Back in 07 was the time, but as of right now - don't pounce on me - it's not a big deal). I just find her so fashionable (usually) and she seems like such a sincere and kind-hearted girl!

Name: Hayden Christensen
Age: 27
Seen In: Star Wars, Jumper, Life As A House

If you didn't see this coming, then you obviously don't know me. Hayden Christensen has been my religious obsession since day one! If you've ever seen him in Life As A House, you'd know that he acts really well. That movie made me cry, oh my goodness. And no, I did not discover him through "Jumper" because he was the hot main lead (how many times have I gotten that comment?). I knew about him since Life As A House.

Name: Leighton Marissa Claire Meester
Age: 22
Seen In: Gossip Girl, Entourage

Oh my goodness, girl crush much? One of the two reasons I watch Gossip Girl: Leighton and Chace. Reading her spread on Seventeen was pretty inspirational. Her past and family was something so negative but she grew up to be something better and is now doing many positive things. Great actress, amazing role model!

Name: Sam Brody Jenner
Age: 25
Seen In: The Princes Of Malibu, Bromance, The Hills

Everytime I see him on The Hills, I cannot do anything but smile. He makes The Hills just that much more interesting. "You lied to the homies", and stuff like that? Yeah, let's just say he makes my life complete. I'd have him as a best friend in an instant.

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