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Monday, March 9, 2009

i live to let you shine, four

Another day, another motel. I wish I hadn’t looked like such a mess. I just wanted to unwind, maybe take a shower considering I haven’t showered in a day. A day seems like nothing, but hygiene is truly key for me. It was a good thing I had packed many comfortable clothes, but stylish as well. Comfortable enough for walking and stylish enough for meeting new people and not getting laughed at and being a noticeably runaway teen.

Meeting new people like that guy I had ran into last night. It’s mind boggling that I didn’t even get a name. How I wish I would’ve. I signed out of the motel, looking for a nice café to have some breakfast and coffee in. I was starving, and obviously this lousy motel wouldn’t help me with my hunger issues.

Surprisingly, a turkey and mayonnaise sandwich with some hot cocoa was good enough to satisfy my hunger. It felt so good going down my throat. I haven’t tasted real food in a while. Once I was done, I stayed seated for a while. Café Beret, I read the name. Talk about super French, I was thinking. I looked around, and saw nothing too interesting to waste my time on, so I left, smiling at the employees while walking out.

I walked out, trying to find something to do. Not really something productive – I knew that would be quite hard to find. I mean, what can I do productive? Try to gain some money? Right, because looking like this and being where I am, I can get a job. I wish. Try to gain some friends? Right, because all I do is bump into people and they think I’m some weird, ditzy girl. I wish. Something’s got to give. I was praying to Calvin.

As I was walking down the street, I took notice of a sign. I was guessing it was a music venue as I read the sign.

It looked interesting. I was into bands anyways, and The Blind Color Collective doesn’t sound much of a hip hop group. It sounded more like an indie band if anything. I didn’t care about the time. It was only 2:30, and I’m sure only the employees were here, but it didn’t matter much to me. This way, I was guessing, I didn’t have to pay meaning I didn’t have to waste my precious money.

I walked in casually and looked around. Yup, venue it was. There were people setting up on the stage. So early, I thought, but I guess they were setting up for all four of the bands that were going to perform. I was guessing Take Sky was going to perform first. I’ve been to many shows and concerts before. As I looked around, I saw a big bulletin board with performance schedule. Beautiful! I was right.


The Blind Color Collective must really be the highlight of the show. I wondered what made them so important and big to be it. I was wondering what kind of music these bands would play when someone suddenly tapped me on the shoulder.
“Excuse me, miss?” I turned around suddenly and was being stared at by a man who looked a little familiar. “Are you part of one of the bands or what?”
“Am I what, sorry?”
“I’ll just take that as a no.”
I shook my head and made sure my mind was straight. I didn’t want to pay, so I had to come up with something. “What? I’m part of Take Sky.”
The man raised a brow at me. “Of course. Listen, lady, we ain’t gonna kick you out. Just tell us if you’re part of a band. We wanna know who’s hear and who isn’t.”
I felt my cheeks turn a hot red, as well as my ears. “Okay, I’m not. Thanks.” I smiled shyly and the guy smiled back.
“Wait, who are you? Do you work here?” I stopped him mid-step.
He half turned his body to look at me but continued to walk. “I’m part of BCC!” “BCC…” I whispered to myself. “Oh, Blind Color Collective.” I sighed but he was already back on the stage with the rest of his band mates. I took a good look at all of them. They all looked a little familiar, it was scary. But one really stood out. One was the guy that I had bumped into last night.

I turned around to face the board again and dug my face into my hands. Goodness, no, no, no! But oh my, yes, yes, yes! Maybe this will be the night I get to find out his name. I prayed to the Lord that it would work out fine, until I started hearing snickers and giggles from the stage.

“Hey Matt, your girl’s here.” One man laughed. I could tell he was trying to be really quiet, but that obviously wasn’t working. I lifted my head up to listen more closely, and I walked around trying to get as close to the stage as possible.
“Shut up.” Another voice said. I was guessing it was this Matt guy. He sounded a little annoyed. “What girl?” He added, now sounding curious.
“That girl you blocked yesterday with your infinite, stone-like chest.” A different voice said, trying to tease the Matt guy. But I realized that this Matt guy was the guy I had run into yesterday. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
“What?” I took a quick glance around to see his reaction. He stood up, and left the guitar case on the ground and looked around. I rushed to get my face out of sight and nearly hit the wall turning my head around so fast. “And shut up.” He continued.
“Oh, come on. She’s over there, by the way. Blind and stupid. Wonderful.” A different voice said. So many voices, considering they only had four people in their group.
“Shut up, twat.” Matt’s voice said again. I peeked through my hair to see what his next move would be. And what I most feared, his next move was already on the way. On the way to talk to me. Or yell at me. Or ask about me. I don’t know but he was heading my way.
“Hey.” He said in a quiet voice.
I closed my eyes and squeezed them tight, taking a deep breath before turning around. “Hi there. I guess I can leave now.”
He looked surprised. “What?”
“What?” I couldn’t comprehend or say any other word.
He laughed lightly. “Stay.”
“Um, sure.” I felt the blood rush to my cheeks faster than a river’s flow. Great timing, embarrassment and nervousness. Amazing timing.
“What’s your name anyway?” He asked casually.
“Analise.” I said quietly.
He smiled slightly. “Pretty name.”
“Thanks, Matt?” I guessed his name, hoping I was right.
“Mattias, but sure, Matt.” He laughed. “Well, I’m gonna continue setting up. Unless you want to help, I’ll let you be.”
I smiled. “I can help.”

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