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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

interview with polyvore's tanalicious

Meet Tana, also known as tanalicious on Polyvore. I've asked the same bunch of questions, and like always, the answers given are unique, fresh, inspiring and exciting! Be sure to watch out for Tana! She has amazing sets and some even come with wonderful stories!

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Who is your style icon?
audrey hepburn & nicole riche. audreay because of her efforlessly chic style. i just adore her. nicole because she rock the hippie/boho look i'm so into. from her wavy hair to ther chucnky accessories. she's it. i love her.

Do the sets you make on Polyvore reflect your style in real life?
not really. i can't afford high-end designer stuffs, so i'm more of high street fashion. in polyvore though, it's more about the styling. how to incorporate certain outfit with the mood/places, etc. i love being creative and always learn new things here.

If you had all the money in the world, what is the first thing you'd buy?
since i am into gadgets as much as fashion, i want to buy everything from barney's and apple a girl could dream!

What inspires you when making your sets on Polyvore?
everything inspired me, from songs, places, events, pop culture to my everyday life. the possibilities are endless here! :))

Who are your favourite designers, and why?
marc jacobs! because he is just divine. his designs are always carefully thought-out. very very amazing. i would kill to have one of his designs!

Do you follow trends? If yes, what is your favourite right now?
not really. actually, i rocked the zipper legging lately eventhough it's pretty out-dated. i guess when you're confident, it trend doesn't really matter.

What do you think will be a big hit/trend in Summer 09?
everyday is summer here. but i guess maxi dress is still happening. it's very chic, easy and flattering on everyone, even on petite like moi :))

If you could go to one show during New York Fashion Week, which show would you go to and why?
marc jacobs. no doubt. because i want to see the magic in flesh!

If you were the fashion police, what would be illegal?
i don't know how it is there, but here in indonesia, a lot of people wore jeans to weddings. i absolutely hate that. it felt so disrespectful. so if i were a fashion police (esp. here) i would ban jeans from weddings!! yay!

What are you favourite stores?
top shop! british fashion at its best! love it!

Do you have any fashion advice for anybody?
the best fashion advice is: be comfortable, be confident and most importantly, be you!!

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