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Friday, July 3, 2009

summer playlist!

i hope you guys aren't expecting any songs like "Summer Girl" by Stereos or something... cause if you were, you aren't gonna find it here! haha - have fun :)
* alot of these songs are old, but timeless... cause i love old songs when they finally get played out and when you listen to them again, they're just the best :)

young cardinals - alexisonfire
emerald street - alexisonfire
you, me and the bourgeoisie - the submarines
before the worst - the scripts
tape song - the kills
obsessed - mariah carey
still fly freestyle - drake
walking on the moon - kanye west f/ the dream
radio ladio - metronomy
junior year - late nite wars
that girl has love - rooney
champagne supernova - oasis
paris 2004 - peter bjorn & john
dark center of the universe - modest mouse
sway - the perishers
arrows of eros - golden silvers
love kills - little boots
dakota - a rocket to the moon

i'll have a new post later tonight with more songs, but for now, have fun.

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