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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

how to pronounce fashion designer names

yeah, i mean, i felt illiterate when i got corrected with a few so here if it helps you. if anything, it'll help you not feel dumb when you do get corrected, har-har.

Hermès = err-mez

Lanvin = lohn-vohn

Balmain = bal-mahn

Balenciaga = bal-en-see-ya-ga

Yves Saint Laurent = eeves-sane-loh-rahnt

Moschino = moe-skee-noh

Proenza Schouler = pro-in-za-skool-er

Marchesa = mar-kay-sa

Bottega Veneta = bo-te-ga-ve-ne-ta (emphasis on the BO and VEN)

Bulgari = bal-gah-ree

Hervé Léger = her-vay lay-jay

Givenchy = je-von-shee

Thierry Mugler = tee-air-ee-moog-lay


.:*aMbAr*:. said...

WOW... this is very interesting... thanks I guess =)

arkasha said...

this is really useful! hihi

beautyinpictures said...

Lol this is beyond useful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

AWESOMENESS :) i saw a video like this on youtube, it was hilarious :]]]]
i love your pronounciations! this is really helpful lol

BohemianDollface said...

Hahaha I love your little pronunciations of them.

Anonymous said...

Nice post!

Now it be easy to pronounce their names. said...

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