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Monday, July 27, 2009

marielle's must-haves

Inspired by a real article. Can't find the link to it, though :/


Every girl has at least more than two bags, and even guys know that they can never get enough. So, what to put in it? I'm personally obsessed with big bags and I love stuffing it with things that I find useful!

Rings — Who knows, maybe I'll need a ring to complete my outfit, you know? Haha.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue — I love this perfume!

Compact Powder — To keep my face from looking shiny.

Mascara — Diorshow is awesome.

Vogue Magazine — The perfect magazine for someone interested in fashion.

Necklaces — Same as the rings.

Purell — Gotta have hand sanitizer ready at all times!

Camera — Preferably an SLR, to snap the special moments in life that can't be repeated!

Money — Keep that chedda with you, you know?

Lipgloss — Nars has amazing ones, as well as Faces and Victoria's Secret.

Nylon Magazine — Another perfect magazine! Who knows when you are sitting with nothing to do, right?

Kleenex — Just in case.

Lotion — Always, always, always.

Watch — I don't normally keep this in my bag but rather on my wrist, but you know, I like to be punctual, haha.

Marc Jacobs Daisy — This perfume also smells really, really good!

Vera Wang Rock Princess — So Daisy is for a daytime date, like lunch. Light Blue is for a nice outing with a friend or just a walk in the park. Rock Princess? Nighttime and partying, yup!

iTouch — Always keep your tunes handy!

Eyeliner — Liquid and pencil in one little tube. Keep them near to fix up the make-up.

Cellphone — You need to be reached whenever and wherever!

Well, there's a look inside my bag and the must-haves.

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