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Saturday, February 28, 2009

why love

"Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt."

Throughout your years, falling in love with someone will be a long lasting experience. It might not last very long, but the effects and lessons learned will.
Rejection hurts, losing someone hurts, loneliness hurts, envy hurts.
Love covers all of the hurt and pain and puts you in a happy place.
People mistake all that hurt and pain for love.

Reality is that all of that hurt and pain are just what comes out of love.
Not every relationship has a happy ending, and it's broken. Hence why they call it a "break-up".
All of that pain and hurt is just the result of a love that wasn't meant to be, and people confuse it for actual love.

Love - the journey, the destination ...
It's such a small, four letter word but yet it comes with such a heavy and large package full of responsibility, dangers, care, hope, problems ...
We all just have to face it and open up the package, ready to deal.

Ups and downs, and especially when it's over, it hurts.
People learn and I've learned that love doesn't hurt but what comes out of it can sometimes hurt.

People say that's why it's called falling in love.
Does this mean falling doesn't hurt?

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