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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

tunes i jam to

here's another post and another playlist. for june 10th, at least, haha. i was busy updating my new itouch so i was headbanging to nearly everything and dancing in my chair. haha. enjoy, guys.

body language - jesse mccartney ft. tpain **
parlez-vous francais/konnichiwa, come and move it my way/hey, little chica from guadelupe

heartless (cover) - kris allen ***
in the night, i hear em talk/the coldest story ever told/somewhere far along this road/he lost his soul

landlocked blues - bright eyes ***
but greed is a bottomless pit/and our freedom's a joke/we're just taking a piss

revelry - kings of leon
what a night for a dance/you know i'm a dancing machine/with the fire in my bones

ooh la la (benny benassi remix) - goldfrapp **
dial up my number now/weaving it through the wire/switch me on/turn me up

beat goes on - madonna ft. pharell & kanye west
don't sit there like some silly girl/if you wait too long/it'll be too late

corona and lime - shwayze ft. cisco *
baby will you be my/corona and lime/and i will be your main squeeze

price of company - white tie affair *
see that girl right there/they say she's sexy as hell

day n nite (remix) - kid cudi ft. collie buddz **
i smoke the best weed/i carefully pick out the stems and seeds/the doctor's orders keep my eyes a bleed

therapy - tpain ft. kanye west *
like 1, 2, 3, 4/get the hell up out my door/5, 6, 7, 8/don't need your sex/i'll masturbate

lovers in japan - coldplay ***
lovers, keep on the road your on/runners, until the race is run

unstoppable - kat deluna ft. lil wayne
you can talk all you want/but my skin is really thick/i'm the leader of the crowd/and my game is really slick

the rake's song - the decemberists *
i had entered into a marriage/in the summer of my 21st year/and the bells rang for our wedding/only now do i remember it clear

no you girls - franz ferdinand *
no you girls never know/no, no you girls never know/how you make a boy feel

beautiful - eminem **
what size you wear/i wear tens/let's see if you can fit your feet

* = old
** = recommended
*** = old and recommended

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Susan said...

Curiously quirky blog - what does the title mean?