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Monday, September 21, 2009

true friends stab you in the front, so tell me why my back is aching

It's true what they say.

Your friendships - loyalty, trust, honesty, love - it all gets put to the test once you enter high school. And you know what, sometimes, those friendships end up fading into the background because there isn't enough effort put into it and there isn't enough communication. There just isn't enough. There isn't enough to hold it together, like how it was held together before.

High school pushes you to the limit when it comes to friends. It teaches you lessons after it gives you the test. And it's true when they say that you find out who your true, real friends are in high school, because this is the reality check. High school is the slap in the face.

You realize that people change, sometimes for the worse, and that you might not be able to do anything about it. You realize that people won't stay, even when they promised you that they'd always be there for you. You realize that people will lie to your face and lie behind your back, and the two different sides of them will finally show. You realize that the people you thought were your best friends really aren't. You realize that things fade and end when they do for a reason, and sometimes, letting go is the hardest thing to do. But sometimes, letting go and letting change happen is the only thing saving your life.

Friendships don't last. That's one thing I learned in high school - and I'm only three weeks in.

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a l e x a n d r a said...

high school changes people. but lots of things change people. it's not even the end, though it may seem like it. it's four years, there's a lot to happen, a lot of growing up to do. then you have college, then you're spat out into the real world, and i know that i haven't figured it out yet, and i'm what, 5 years older than you? it seems like the biggest thing in the world right now, and it is a change. things will happen that you're not ready for, but you'll deal with them. people will come and go, it's sad, nobody wants it to happen, but it's a fact of life. you'll look back in five years time and wonder why you worried about half the stuff you worried about. i know i'll look back in five years time on this part of my life and do the same thing. it's all a learning process, but there's things so much bigger out there, bigger than you, bigger than high school, bigger than your town. and that, in my opinion, is the reality check. there are going to be things you haven't felt yet, things you haven't dreamed about. you'll meet different people at different times in your life and be able to have relationships on whole new levels. i mean, i hardly talk to anybody i was friends with before high school. but the ones i made there, i've stayed friends with a lot of them, and now i've met more amazing people who get me in a whole different way.

sorry for the long ass comment. i guess my point is, it's not the be all and end all, unless you make it that way. things happen that you can't control, but you can control the way you react to them. take a step back, take a breath, eventually it will become clearer.