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Thursday, April 29, 2010

and I'm not gonna stop cause you're the only one I want

when you want something, if you really want it bad enough, limitations no longer exist. those lines that you used to see, those lines that you were told not to cross, those lines that you could not cross... they no longer exist. boundaries no longer exist. if you want something bad enough, so bad that your heart is calling for it and starving for it, nothing should be able to stop you.

persistance, determination, motivation and inspiration. drive and courage. it all comes out of you when something you want is in focus. something that you have a desire and passion for. nothing should get in the way of you and that one thing, whether it be a goal you want to achieve, a person that you want to be with, something that you can't live without.

but one of the most important things is when you have the drive and courage to get a person that you, not just want, but need. it's when you have that string that just keeps pulling you toward them, and that push from within your heart that tells you to go after them. it all kicks in when you know that you need him because he makes you a better person. you know that you need him because when he's around, you can't help but smile. you know that you need him because when you're with him, your heart is always happy, and you can see it in your own eyes.

you know that you want him just because he makes you feel something special inside, and you want to hold onto that feeling forever. you know that you want him because whenever he smiles, you smile and every little word he says seems to be the perfect thing to hear. you know that you want him when your friends and the people you love notice a change in you, a better change, and realize that maybe this boy could be your better half, the only one that has made you this genuinely happy in a while.

wants and needs are different but when it comes to that one thing that you want and need to get in life, wants and needs almost become the same thing. they become important. limitations and boundaries also become the same thing. they become nonexistent.

- mdt