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Thursday, December 3, 2009

thursday, december 3rd, 2009 ... :)

personal entry.

practice tires me out. she made us run a lot, but i guess that's silveira for you, right? we didn't win the game but i wasn't upset... in a sense, i guess, because that team was shit, definitely. but she made us work on blocking and running from net position to free ball position is quite hard. she wants us there faster and faster each time. then after volleyball, i have phys ed, and today we went to the weight room. i'm pretty sliiiick, i won't lie. but i got so tired when i was going to art, i wanted to fall asleep. and i almost did. perspective, really? i learned that in grade four but she makes it seem so hard. it's due tomorrow but i didn't even do anything except for the border. i still need to hand in my choice painting, haha.

lunch wasn't bad. stayed with the girls for a bit then found cassie, and we stole robby's cookie. we finally got christian's attention and when he left to go see us, joey and ian and paul came around. talked for a little while like always till joey left with her, hahahaha. and ian left with paul. then andrew came over. "oh no" loool. then group hug and we left for thirrrd. fourth was pretty boring but i'm doing better in fourth now. i guess i'm trying to focus. an essay worth 95 marks in total, so fml, gonna work hard on that one.

afterschooooool... haha, live! stayed with cassie to watch the basketball game but first we went to her house. changed into her sweats and headed over to pizzapizza for a slice. after that, we walked back to martins and then watched the game. it was pretty fun actually. talking to christian and james and jahmar and diego. lmfao cassie, bob and chung lee/catherine and michelle. ohhhhh dear. after that senior game, we talked to alex mcfarlane (yes ciarra!) and hung out there for a while. me and cassie went to watch a little bit of the junior game but not too much... they were beating them anyway.

saw frank, talked to him for a while, and then didn't wanna walk home alone to cassie's house. we got kwasi to walk with us since he goes that way. stayed until half and then we walked home with kwasi, stewie, james and justin. lmfao kwasi, realtalkssss... i am serious. don't even lie, that was a serious issue i talked about. then he started talking about 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs' and how hungry these guys were. oh dear.

then stayed at cassie's house for a while, stayed for dinner and played around with jacob. had some realtalks ;) i love her off. ♥

hopefully tomorrow's a good day ?

/personal entry.

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