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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i wish that you'd come crash into me

every girl deserves the best.

every girl deserves a man who's going to be there for her at her best and at her worst. they deserve a real man who's going to put her first, not second or third or last. they deserve a man who knows what's best for her, and what's best for him, and puts things into perspective. every girl deserves a real man. a real, honest to God, man.

and why they are so hard to find these days, God only knows why. but what i know is that you shouldn't put up with the bullshit or the lies or the fakes walking around. every single piece of bullshit, every single lie and every single fake emotion, feeling and word he speaks and feels and expresses and feeds you - you don't deserve any of it.

get up and leave. don't stress the small. boys are just boys. find them anywhere.

i'm tired of seeing heartbreaks and stressed people and i'm tired of telling my own friends that he isn't worth the pain or the heartbreak, he isn't worth the trouble or the time. and i'm tired of being unacknowledged and ignored, and i'm tired of seeing that same friend go through the same pain, heartbreak, trouble and wasting time with the same waste boy.

you don't deserve bullshit. you are worth so much more.

don't waste time listening to him say 'i love you' when you know that it's meaningless. don't waste time forgiving him everytime he comes crawling back to you because he knows you're whipped. don't waste time telling him 'i love you' when you know you're just another one on his list of things to do. don't waste time trying to get him to change because you can't force change on somebody who doesn't want it.

he's not going to become a better person because of you. as harsh as it sounds, you aren't the reason for his better doings. unless he wants it for himself and for good intentions, he won't change because of you or for you. he wants to do good because he wants to get to you and wants to get in you. get it straight or don't get it at all.

boys like these are easy to find yet they're so hard to pick out. i'm not saying that there are no good men out there, but it's not like they're flashing and you could just pick them out and have them for yourself.

take your time when you're young. your heart is naive and vulnerable and when you come crashing down, best believe that he isn't going to be there to help you get back up and pick up the pieces of your broken heart.

i don't want to tell those same friends and give them advice when they're not going to listen to me. i don't want to watch you fall apart again only to have you go crawling back to him. i don't want to be the one putting your broken heart together because, as much as it sounds like something a good friend would do, i shouldn't have to be doing it in the first place.

you should know you deserve better than some asshole who walks around pretending he feels something for you, when all he feels is his manhood going hard.

please know that you deserve much more and that you are worth so much more, and i don't want to see you crying again.

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