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Sunday, September 13, 2009

the realest shit you've ever heard.

it makes me laugh when i read some stuff on people's bios that go a little something like this: "i'm different. i'm unique. i may be [insert age here] but i'm educated. i'm not like every other girl out there, even though you may think so." etc etc and they insert some intelligent ass sounding words here and there to make themselves seem smarter or worth your time, right?

i'm not gonna lie, i used to write shit like that. back when this blogspot never did exist, actually, haha. but i wasn't lying. goddamn, what was i, like eleven, and writing shit like that and i wasn't even lying. but these people, when you meet 'em in real life - they are nothing like you expected. you read the shit they write about themselves, and i understand in our fantasies, we want ourselves to be better and do better and seem better, but shit, you're writing this for the public eye.

and then they meet your fucking whack ass and are so hella disappointed. i'm not going to boost on my profile. i'm not. i re-did it but that's how you'll see me if you ever meet me in real life. i'm not gonna talk as if i have the world's biggest vocab, because i know for a fact that i do not, but i also know that i have a bigger vocab than you do and the shit you write in your stupid ass bio is so disappointing because it ain't true. it's a wall. it's what you put off to be over the what, the inter-friggin'-net?

this post was only written because i was scanning through all these blogspots that people have, you know, because apparently it's popular now in our little area, and EVERY FUCKIN' BIO SAYS THE SAME SHIT. what are you all, getting tips from each other? i bet i'm going to get shot tomorrow morning once i step out but oh well. hop off each other's swag, please? you're not 'real' if you're biting off somebody else. last i heard, that's called being a poser. fake. poser. fake. poser. fake. poser.

oh and quit flooding my home page on facebook with waste shit like "these dumb fake bitches these days, i swear" because you're one of them? LOOOL, i see you're trying to start a trend on talking shit about yourself, but okay, more power to you.

seriously, i'm just sick of these girls acting like they're the shit. these guys actually supporting it and encouraging this fuckery to happen. every girl thinks they're real and that they're the shit, and then they argue. fight. "waste cats" shut the fuuuuuck up.

whatever. as long as you leave me alone.


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Anonymous said...

haha you're cute.