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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

do me a favor, call me jerk one more time.

Do I deserve it? Meh, maybe. But please don't use me. And I'm not saying I'm some sort of angel but compared to a few people around here, I'll admit that I'm nice. I'm pretty honest. I'm pretty loyal. So don't take advantage of it, because that's fucked up. And just because I am nice, doesn't mean I won't go back and fuck you over as a thank you for fucking me over.

That isn't a threat.

But on the other hand... I think I missed all of the signals you never gave me. There goes my mind again just wishing for something to happen, wishing so hard that I actually think it's happening when it isn't. I'm fucking sorry. I really am.

God, I just feel like breaking down and fucking crying, but I won't let myself. Not this early on in because if I do, how the hell am I gonna survive a whole ten months?

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