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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

on justin bieber

idk why but i'm following justin bieber on twitter. it's amusing, okay, so don't judge, haha. but anyway, on with the topic... he's canadian! WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT REPRESENT. i'm gonna stop.

let's move on. all of your 'hardcore' justin bieber fans or whatever with the mrs. bieber going on, did you even know justin BEFORE he got signed by usher? did you even know he got signed by usher? haha. dude, i swear justin was better on youtube than he is now. i loved his covers.

i think that half of his crazy teenage fans didn't even know he was kidrauhl. and to be honest, i liked him better that way.

AND HOW DARE HE TURN DOWN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. DUDE, i understand usher is amazing and all, but usher and timberlake wanted to sign him. I WOULD EFFING SIGN WITH JT, just saying.

that's all i have to say about him.

why did i even post about him?

1 comment:

. said...

Burn VS Dick In A Box.

I think we all know the better choice here. ;D


Lmfao but yeah I knew him as "kidrauhl", the prepubescent, girly-sounding, cute little kid. I'm happy that's he's successful and all, but the hXc fans are killing me.